If you are looking for tranquillity, pure nature and a sense of belonging to the surrounding natural world you are warmly invited to the county of Ostrołęka.
Here among golden corn fiededs , blue rivers, vast green meadows and woods you will find a land of milk and honey. The cleanness of water and air, wonderful vistas in the woods make the place perfect for walking, bicycle tourism, horse back riding and sleighing parties. River meanders invite to go canoeing and fishing.

Game abundance is propitious for hunting. Carefully cultivated folklore and culture as well as the hospitality of the Kurpie inhabitants will move your heart and make it natural to come back here almost instinctively.

You will also find a friendly climate for investments. Agricultural character of the county and its localisation in the ecologically purest area of the Green Lungs of Poland, enables the production of healthy food, milk and meat in the main, made of high quality materials.

I do kindly encourage to co-operate everyone everyone willing to bring their ingenuity and money to the region to develop it even further.
I wish your stay in the Region of Ostrołęka would become nice and unforgettable.

Stanisław Kubeł
Starost of Ostrołęka

Starostwo Powiatowe w Ostrołęce
07-410 Ostrołęka, Pl. Gen J.Bema 5,
tel. +48(29) 7642815, 7642749, 7643241
fax: +48(29) 7643281, 7642305

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