guide for investors

The exceptional character of the Ostrołęka county marks the directions of co-operation in ecological agriculture, agricultural and food processing industry, environment protection and agritourism.The local authorities are particurary interested in co-operation with partners whose experience can be effectively adapted to the neeas of the region. The domains of such co-operation can be:

Agricultural and food-processing, including dairy and meat industry,
healthy food production,
fruit, vegetables and potatoes processing and storing,
wood processing,
the development of agritourism,
the development of picturesque countryside with a view to promote recreation, sports and tourism,
the development of ecological farms,
cultural exchange.

It is important to mention that the county of Ostrołęka is located within theGreen Lungs of Poland which is a denscy wooded region. A wide variety of flora and fauna makes the region attractive. It is famous for numerous reserves and monuments of nature.The Culture and art are the Kurpies source of pride. Almost every district offers a range of vacant places for tourism and leisure as well as production. These advantages create perfect basis for thriring tourism.
In the Ostrołęka county there are deposits of natural materials (see a map p.27) used for the production of building materials. In comparison with the neighbouring Warsaw agglomeration, the prices and the cost of running economic activity are competitively law.
A friendly attitude of the county authorities and inhabitants coupled with a wide range of investment allowances. are encouraging for well prospering and ingenious partners.
Investors are supported by many non-governmental organisations like: Entrepreneurship Assistances Agency in Ostrołęka, Entrepreneurship Incubator, Agency of the Region's Development, Ostrołęka Economy Forum, North-Eastern Mazovia Development Agency, Regional Centre of European Information, Chamber of Agriculture in Ostrołęka, Agricultural Advice Centre, Tourism and Recreation Development Association.
Apart from ten banks, there are many insurance companies and the customs office which provide their services in the county.
Twenty nine companies with a foreign capital run their businesses in the county, among them are: Intercell, YTONG, Hochland, SIAS Polska, the Meat Factory 'Ostrołęka', Starglass.

Entry from the register of land and a sketch form the index map (3-7 days): Starostwo Powiatowe The County Starost's Office) in Ostrołęka, ul.Szpitalna 35, tel.(029) 764 32 41.
Abstract from the land and mortgage register in order to obtain the legal status of the estate or land (about 30 days): Sąd Rejonowy (Regional Court) in Ostrołęka, Wydział Ksiąg Wieczystych (Land and Mortgage Register Division), ul. Mazowiecka 3, tel.(029) 764 22 02.
Presentation of the Land Urbanisation Plan (up to 7 days): the district's office administering the said land.
Consultation of the land urbanisation plan according to the requirements comprised in the agreement concerning the conditions of architecture and urbanisation: Starostwo Powiatowe (The County Starost's Office) in Ostrołęka, address as above.
The appeal against the decision concerning the construction permit: Wojewoda Mazowiecki (Province Governor) (through Starostwo Powiatowe - the County Starost's Office). Notification about the Accession to the use of the building object. : Starostwo Powiatowe (The County Starost's Office) in Ostrołęka, address as above.

Building lots: 2,5 -15 PLN/sqm. The price depends on the lot's location.
Agricultural land: 0,20 - 1 PLN / sqm, depending on its quality.
Recreation plots: 2-15PLN, depending on the plot's location.

1 sqm in Ostrołęka - ca. 1300PLN
Renting -M3 (2 rooms plus kitchen) in Ostrołęka and environs 200-400PLN / month + monthly bills.
Hotel prices:
1 FB / single room - 47-130 PLN
1 FB / double room - 55- 190 PLN
apartment 160-270 PLN per night.
1060 PLN (in the Mazowieckie Province - over 2200 PLN).

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